Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Poem: Can I Fathom?

Can I fathom?

Envisioning bliss in a world so surreal,
an eternity carrying on for universes,
mile after mile.
Can I fathom an eternity?

A life grounded, feet planted into the earth,
breathing in brisk air,
Warmth from the sunshine,
basking down on my face.
Can I fathom not standing here?

Closing my eyes,
and listening to my heart rest,
As I head to sleep,
I can only hope that
I have passed the ultimate test...
Do I know the meaning of an eternity?

Dreamily, I stare at the nighttime skies,
in love with the stars that twinkle in tune
to the music that plays in the evenings.
The cool air rushes past my hair,
as I silently give thanks in a silent prayer.

Can I really believe,
that I may not always be standing
in night-times such as these?

Such thoughts, at times, give me a fear.
Not because I don't believe in the great maker,
but because, it's you that I won't be near.

This heavenly earth, 
where I entered,
after my mother gave birth.
I've fallen in love.
How can I leave,
if everything will be too far away
for my touch?

Into the worldly clouds,
I longingly stare
for as long as I am allowed
afraid, that it will disappear-
or that I won't be there.

I reach as high as I can,
and leap as far as possible
across the earthly lands.
And I Kiss my last kiss,
embrace my last embrace
and touch the last brightest star.

Can I really fathom an eternity...
an eternal home
for you and me?

-Ariana R. Cherry 2014

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