Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Poem: Can I Fathom?

Can I fathom?

Envisioning bliss in a world so surreal,
an eternity carrying on for universes,
mile after mile.
Can I fathom an eternity?

A life grounded, feet planted into the earth,
breathing in brisk air,
Warmth from the sunshine,
basking down on my face.
Can I fathom not standing here?

Closing my eyes,
and listening to my heart rest,
As I head to sleep,
I can only hope that
I have passed the ultimate test...
Do I know the meaning of an eternity?

Dreamily, I stare at the nighttime skies,
in love with the stars that twinkle in tune
to the music that plays in the evenings.
The cool air rushes past my hair,
as I silently give thanks in a silent prayer.

Can I really believe,
that I may not always be standing
in night-times such as these?

Such thoughts, at times, give me a fear.
Not because I don't believe in the great maker,
but because, it's you that I won't be near.

This heavenly earth, 
where I entered,
after my mother gave birth.
I've fallen in love.
How can I leave,
if everything will be too far away
for my touch?

Into the worldly clouds,
I longingly stare
for as long as I am allowed
afraid, that it will disappear-
or that I won't be there.

I reach as high as I can,
and leap as far as possible
across the earthly lands.
And I Kiss my last kiss,
embrace my last embrace
and touch the last brightest star.

Can I really fathom an eternity...
an eternal home
for you and me?

-Ariana R. Cherry 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fashionista Gal Cartoon

Fashionista Gal Cartoon

Poem: Poe is Out

"Poe" is Out

For the longest time,
she hid within the darkest 
part of the secret woods,
awaiting to make
her big appearance.

Years ago, she escaped there,
to get away from the
noisy obscurities of the world.
Too much reality
had poisoned her sacred innocent soul.

Back into the damp earth,
she made a bed of timber and tree leaves,
where she would lay down with her running thoughts
trying to put her mind at ease.

Years before, she was a shining star,
glittering across the skies
and basking in the sunlight.
She wrote stories of laughter,
that won everyone's heart
with happiness and delight.

But then, the hardness of pungent music
filtered in through the glitter,
turning it into tattered dust.
And viewing too much of unreal reality entertainment
just made her bitter.

No longer did her words sparkle across the sky.
In fact, the noise became so loud,
it was all she could do, not to cry.

Into the forest, she retreated
because in her heart,
she felt that the world had been defeated.

But now...

After some years of her forest retreat,
she's bringing into the world
a new kind of beat.

The leaves of her timbered bed have rustled
and the winds are pouring in,
She's ready for her new stories to begin.

Those forest friends had some stories to share,
They've helped her peel back, that hidden layer.

She's ready to make some of her own noise.


-Ariana R. Cherry 2014